July 2019

Forte Checkout (Version 2.0)

What’s new and Improved

  • Better UX experience with responsive design (iOS, Android, PC and tablets) instead of different mobile and desktop versions
  • Spanish language support
  • Ability to send up to 10,000 lines. This will enable users to add more than 100 items in the cart using FCO and view the transactions in VT.
  • Rewrite with Angular 7.0​


  • No bug fixes in this version

Rollout plan

Device Integration

Swipe will be enabled with  e-dynamo and Dynamag

EMV, VX520 will not be enabled in Sandbox

MagTek-Ipad will no longer be supported with new version and will be sunset


Schedules with service fees now available!

Service fee merchants now have the ability to create Schedules using the following products!!
  • Schedules are viewable in dex but not in VT (more schedule details to be included in the upcoming dex releases)
  • Schedule details available in postbacks (Schedule details will also be available in web hooks following the next REST API release)