REST- v1.28


  • New Object has been added  Find/ GET locations 


  • New Fields added to Applications, these will be required in the next release per industry requirements: 
    • and owner.citizenship (Wells Fargo)
    • owner.percentage  (FinCEN)
    • additional owner Objects (2,3,4)  for any other owners owning 25% or more of the business (FinCEN)


  • Add Tax Amount to schedules and schedule items Objects

Pay methods:

  • Ability to order the list of payment methods by the name_on_card field





The following Applications features will be available to integrated partners only:

  1. Use the bank_account_type parameter to create and retrieve merchant savings and checking accounts as part of the application process.    

          NOTE: This parameter only supports business bank accounts, not personal bank accounts.

2. Find out immediately why an application was declined with the declined_reason parameter for applications in declined status.

The following Transactions features will be available to both integrated partners and merchants:

  1. We’ve fixed the routing number validation for Canadian transactions, so now our friendly northern neighbors can create more echeck payment methods for their customers.
  2. Service Fee and/or Tax merchants can now use the auto-calculated subtotal_amount parameter to easily calculate the authorization_amount of a transaction.
  3. We are upgrading our documentation, Forte REST API v3,  which is now available for preview.




We’re excited to tell you about our new field and object for our REST API, which will  be available for Merchants only :

  1. New field “save_token” available for transaction resource with the ability to save swipe data as a customer and pay method records.
  2. New object: “disputes” available for merchants.
  3. New field: “last_4_account_number” added to card sub-object for consistency with other objects.



REST V1.22

The following new features have been added to Version 3 of our RESTful web services:

  • Customers:
    • New Filters are now available to search for Customers – GET (Search) request.
    • New fields and objects have been added to the results of Customers’ search – response object.
  • Applications:
    • New field to Store session id from Threat Metrix: “risk_session_id” is now available for partners – both in POST (Create) request and GET (Search) request.
  • Funding (for internal use only):
    • An endpoint for funding is now available- GET (Search) request.
  • Events (for internal use only):
    • New Search options and Filters are now available for events Endpoint – GET (Search) request.
    • All resources for events have been pluralized.


Our newest REST API release makes integration easier and more secure:

  • We’ve added the following parameters:
    • A new response_code parameter to the list of available filters for the transactions object.
    • Additional parameters to the schedules and scheduleitems resources to support service fees for recurring transactions.
    • New average_payable_amount, maximum_payable_amount, and monthly_payable_volume parameters to the applications resource.
    • A new customer_id parameter to the paymethods object
  • A new validation now informs users when they are attempting to use the orderby input with incompatible parameters.

New REST API Release 1.24 – Highlights

Merchants using our REST API integration can now take advantage of the following :
  • Passing transaction data is as easy as swiping a credit card with our new card.card_data parameter in the transactions object.
  • Search for all applications or a specific merchant’s application with a GET request to the applications endpoints.
  • All REST requests now support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

REST API Release 1.23 – New features Available!!

We’ve made several performance improvements in our new REST release, which will be available to Merchants and Partners!!

  • Applications

    We’ve added features to the applications object to make collecting merchant apps more efficient and secure:

    • Our new input field, maximum_transaction_amount, maps to MAM fields based on selected services: CC Largest Sale Amount, ACH Largest Sale Amount, and ACH Largest Disbursement.
    • We’ve updated our Threat Metrix Implementation and added additional, optional fields to ensure the security and authenticity of a merchant’s application information.
  • Documents

    Our new documents object enables REST users to complete the following tasks:

    • Upload supporting documents/files for merchant applications in supported formats.
    • Retrieve a list of all documents or find specific documents for specific merchants using search filters.
    • Delete documents that are extraneous or were mistakenly uploaded.
  •  Transactions

    We’ve upped our fraud prevention game with the new  customer_ip_address parameter, which captures the customer’s originating IP address when submitting transactions.

  • Funding

    We’ve made improvements to the funding object with the following enhancements:

    • Search and filter funding entries more efficiently with the following new parameters: status, entry_description, bank_information, and origination_date.
    • Search for the related transactions and settlements associated with a funding entry via a GET request to our funding endpoints.

Cool New Features Added to Version 3 of our RESTful Web Services!


We’ve made searching for customers in REST easier and more efficient with the following enhancements:

  • New filters.
  • New fields and objects to the response object for a customer search.
  • New field to Store session id from Threat Metrix: “risk_session_id” is now available for partners – both in POST (Create) request and GET (Search) request